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Original Oil Paintings & Sculptures by Nagy

Discover hauntingly colorful original signed artwork for sale, sculpture and oil paintings that capture your emotions from the online art gallery of New Jersey artist Nagy. Nothing else inspires the soul the way that art does.

Nagy is a sculptor and (mostly figurative) painter who lives in New Jersey and whose work is collected worldwide.  An artist with a distinctively unique style, Nagy captures the emotions and sometimes bizarre, comical and haunting expressions of the human condition.


Oil Paintings

Nagy is an expressionist painter whose art has been described as psychological, edgey, haunting, moody, menacing, contemporary, sometimes humorous, sometimes dark and disturbing, but always emotional. Browse through the gallery to see the many sold paintings or shop online now to purchase a Nagy piece. 


Prints are available for just about every original painting you see on this site.  If you would like a print made of a painting and you don't see it listed in the online store, email me.

Will Nagy

There is a separate category for  the paintings of artist, Will Nagy, whose tropical paintings are beautiful and subliminal.  Check back often for newly added paintings.

Nagy creates beautiful sculpture and currently has 4 sculptures available for purchase. One is bronze and the others are plaster.  Your piece can be cast in bronze at an additional cost.  If interested in any of the pieces of sculpture, please contact us regarding which piece(s) you are interested in.

"King Etta"

Donated to Adopt One Village 

oil on canvas, 24" x 30"

E-mail today if you have any questions about Nagy's unique oil paintings or sculptures.

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Judy Mandy Assassins

Portrait of Judith Marie (CD Cover)
Bulldog Girls at the Dresden
Listen to Judy Nagy (painter's sister)
Portrait of Mandy             Ashrafi in Assassins
Spirit Guide #2, Nagy, Basking Ridge, NJ Don Imus, Nagy, Basking Ridge NJ Greg Gutfeld, Nagy, Basking Ridge NJ
            Spirit Guide 1

Don Imus, Collection of El Chico Restaurant, Huntsville, Texas

Greg Gutfeld, Host of FOX TV's Red Eye and Co-Host The Five

 Collection of Greg Gutfeld

Spirit Guide #2, Nagy, Basking Ridge, NJ Bob Beckel, Nagy, Basking Ridge NJ Portrait In Red, Nagy, Basking Ridge, NJ
         Spirit Guide 2 Bob Beckel, Co-host The Five  Collection of Fox News       Portrait In Red
Getting Better, Nagy, Basking Ridge NJ Abstract White Striped, Nagy, Basking Ridge, NJ Alex with Guitar, Nagy, Basking Ridge NJ
   Getting Better Abstract White Striped       Alex With Guitar

Extreme Anger Zoila Chavez Nude Seated, Nagy, Basking Ridge, NJ

Extreme Anger by Artist Will Nagy

Zoila Chavez, Housekeeper for Bravo TV's Jeff Lewis

Collection of Jeff Lewis/Zoila

Nude Seated

Spirit Guide #2, Nagy, Basking Ridge, NJ

 Man With Hat, Nagy, Basking Ridge, NJ

Wedding Day

Spirit Guide #3

Man With Hat

       Wedding Day      



Cutting the Coconut Cuban Woman in White Will, Nagy, Basking Ridge NJ, Will Nagy

Cutting the Coconut - oil on canvas, 36" x 48"

Donated to Adopt One Village

Cuban Woman In White

oil on canvas, 24" x 30"

                                           Will Nagy     

Sleeping Babies Alcatraz Portrait13

 Sleeping Babies, 36" x 48"     Donated to Adopt One Village 

         Alcatraz - Sold

      Portrait #13 

Bob Carney Frank

 Bob - oil on canvas, 24" x 30"

   Carney - oil on canvas, 24" x 30"

                       Frank - oil on canvas, 36" x 60"    

Tonetta Yummy Yummy Pizza, Nagy, Basking Ridge NJ
Cuban Woman With Straw Hat Watching, Nagy, Basking Ridge NJ
        Tonetta - Yummy Yummy Pizza         Cuban Woman w/Straw Hat         Watching         
Vertebrae, Nagy, Basking Ridge NJ Portrait 1 Portrait 3



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